"Creative financial solutions for today's markets"

In the 21st Century, the nature of world finance is rapidly changing. Todays businesses need financial Solutions that are speedy, flexible, and creative. Banks, once the cornerstone of the loan industry, are conservative and slow-moving. Clogged down with regulatory red tape, cumbersome applications and needles interviews, businesses lose crucial opportunities.

Now there is an alternative - A funding organization that is NOT a Bank but a private owned organization where you can obtain investments in a matter of days, rather than months with a minimum of red tape and preparation work. STRASBOURG ASSET MANAGEMENT & TRUST is an aggressive well-capitalized organization with a very large portfolio of assets to be used as collaterals and provides a broad range of financial services. We offer todays businesses intelligence solutions that provide the flexibility, expertise, and funds necessary to meet every new challenger.

We believe that our tremendous growth and position as an industry leader is based on our creative approach, stringent loan-to-value ratios, business savvy and hands-on style.