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An old and traditional family of entrepreneurs and bankers run this Asset Management Company, in partnership with visionary entrepreneurs, we help create valuable new companies and important industries by investing capital in exciting new technology based opportunities. We work in partnerships across many sectors, drawing upon extensive experience in international development across both the public and private sectors.

We believe in a lasting impact for our firm, our clients,

and our changing world.

What is an asset management company?

An asset management firm is a company that invests its clients pool of funds,

as one, into securities that match its declared financial objective thus providing

its clients/investors with more diversification and investment options that they

would have by themselves & attain their investment goals by proper

management of assets.

The top asset management firms of the world offer professional management

services for managing the shares and bonds of their clients. The clients of the

asset management firms may be insurance companies, corporations, pension

funds or individual investors. The primary goal behind the service of the asset

management firms is to help the investors attain their investment goals by

proper management of assets. ​

Services like wealth management and portfolio management are also offered by the asset management firms to their clients. Asset management is nothing but the investment management of collective investments of the companies. The asset management firms recruit proficient and knowledgeable investment managers to take the financial decisions. ​

The investment managers are responsible for managing the assets of the companies and funds in the most feasible way so that the investment ensures maximum profit on a given condition. For a fee, the asset management firm provides more diversification, liquidity, and professional management consulting service than is normally available to individual investors. The diversification of portfolio is done by investing in such securities which are inversely correlated to each other. They collect money from investors by way of floating various mutual fund schemes. ​

The asset management firms also offer asset management services to the companies in order to maximize the return of the company. It can also be an account at a financial institution that includes services like checking services, debit cards, credit cards, and margin loans and also brokerage services. It has been seen that the services offered by the top asset management firms are for high net-worth clients. ​

The process of asset management includes keeping the records of assets of the companies. The asset management system is believed to have evolved from the maintenance management systems. The main principle of maintenance management is to use work orders for the predictive and preventive maintenance.